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At Agrimech, inc. we care about our clients and go out of our way to provide them with services that cater to their specific needs.  Not only do we provide basic procurement services, but we also provide technical assistance, field service, and custom designed/engineered solutions.

Plant Power Studies & Switchgear Design 

We collaborate with specialists to offer power studies/audits and can upgrade or refurbish your switchgear.  The results have been amazing - get in touch if you want to learn more!


We can provide finance for large capiltal expenditures.  One such example was a fleet of forklifts for a long standing customer of ours in central America.

Custom Engineered Parts & Equipment

We regularly provide custom engineered products.  Some examples are switchgear, motor control stations, in-plant offices, pump stations, cane trailers, machined parts, filter systems, etc.

Repairs, Refurbishments & Recalibrations 

We can handle all manner of repair, refurbishments and recalibration whether it be for pumps, turbines, gearboxes, instruments, etc.

Routine ordering services include:

·    Checking technical specifications

·    Obtaining best prices, discounts and delivery dates from manufacturers

·    Obtaining costs of freight from supplier’s works to destination

·    Issuing detailed purchase orders to suppliers

·    Regular progress and status reports to clients

·    Handling all logistics issues and insurance coverage

·    Settlement of supplier’s and shipping invoices

·    Witnessing performance tests and/or inspecting goods & packing prior to dispatch, as required by the client

·    Organize or assist with warranty claims

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